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Our Mission


LEARN.ORG.UK cares about education and believes everyone has a right to it and we must ensure the security of education for our children. We believe technology connects us globally and we should promote digital inclusion and teach skills to get people online, connect and learning. As a charity we wish to fulfil this in a way which impacts the lives of cultures and communities with positive effects which last. For example our projects to build schools and care homes which are lasting improvements. Internationally we work with partners to promote awareness of campaigns relating to education within the UK. Our goal is to see sustainable outcomes for these projects, where our impact sees people with new skills benefiting and teaching others for generations. We are focused on our charitable purpose of giving education and we are united by the purpose. We couldn't do it without people who care as much as we do which is why we are so open to anyone learning more about us, volunteering and supporting the charity long term. We promote equal opportnity, diversity and cultural relations. We are committed to employing disabled people. We provide opportunities for apprenticeships, work experience and volunteering.

Our principles

" Our principles, has shaped the charity as well as out work. We as a charity have become embedded within the organisation.
We believe in caring, innovating, impacting and achieving."

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Our main headquarters:

Bretton Street Enterprise Centre
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