Welcome to LEARN.ORG.UK. We are a British based charity promoting cultural relations and education.

How We Do It

LEARN.ORG.UK is a local UK not-for-profit education charity with the following principles which shape our efforts:

  1. Caring - care about the community and people that are disadvantaged and excluded from modern society. Focus on improving their lives and create a better future for everyone.
  2. Innovating - use technology and new platforms to reach excluded and isolated people and encourage them to connect and share in the benefits of being digitally connected.
  3. Impacting - make an impact on people's lives. Through interacting with our services that person should receive lasting improvements to their health and well-being or learn new skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
  4. Achieving - positive results from people we have interacted with having grown and gone on to achieve their own personal goals and successes in life beyond their time with us.

A big thank you

LEARN.ORG.UK can only begin to deliver on our principles if others believe in them and continue to be inspired to help us out for a quarter of a century :

  • Thanks to our funders who care as we do and fund our projects.
  • Thanks to our partners who donate and provide technology and resources so that we can reach the most disadvantaged and isolated people.
  • Thanks to our volunteers and tutors who directly work with individuals and teach them lasting skills to improve their lives.
  • And finally to our donators and supportors who get as much reward in seeing the real world achievements of people we interact with and help the charity achive it's aims.

Here are a couple of ways you can help us:

We have a variety of opportunities for people wishing to gain experience and work skills whilst helping disadvantaged people in their local community.
Donating to us will help us fund projects which will make a lasting positive impact on socially disadvantaged individuals and it's through online donations that we can continue to help these people.