Welcome to LEARN.ORG.UK. We are a British based charity promoting cultural relations and education.
Learn.Org.UK's Volunteers

Learn.Org.UK has a strong team of volunteers who give up their valuable time to help us deliver
education in the community, the UK and internationally.

Uzma Shabir

Tutor - Employability Skills

Abdelmenem M A Abobghala

Ahmed Mahmoud M Alwodia

Aisha A Othman

Albashir M A Mohamed

Assma Madi

Hosain Aboisha

Intisar Ahmed I Omar

Jumuaa Ramadan S Ferga

Mabrouka Baqqar

Mahmud Ahmed

Maysoun Restoum

Moamar H Hamed

Muna Falah H Abdelrahman

Osama M BenMansour

Rabea Nser M Srarrey

Abdelkader Boukhatem

Shaukat Hafez

It could be you...

Find out more about volunteering for us and you too could be listed here soon.

More volunteers, fundraisers and support is always welcomed, we look forward to hearing from you soon.