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Meet The Team

Here To Help. Achieving Better Together

Zaheer Laher

Executive Chair

Our executive chair, Zaheer Laher, has managed a number of UK's top leading IT organisations and industry. As well as this, Zaheer Laher now leads on E-learng and also the ICT Infrastructure.

Yusuf Mayet

Deputy Chair

The deputy chair man, also known as, Yusuf Mayat leads on Skills, Enterprise and Partnerships and has been with the charity since its beginning as a student run group to help people in the local community get their PCs set up and online.

Ms Stefania De Zorzi


Lead on EU Enterprise Projects such as ERASMUS+ for Young Entrepreneurs' with over 20 years of Business Start-Up's, Enterprise & Sustainability knowledge.

Miss Manuela Lopes Tavares


Lead on Arts & Culture Projects & Events Management, with over 17 years experience in Arts & Culture alogn with managing Events for more than 10 years

Our principles

" Our principles, has shaped the charity as well as out work. We as a charity have become embedded within the organisation.
We believe in caring, innovating, impacting and achieving."