Welcome to LEARN.ORG.UK. We are a British based charity promoting cultural relations and education.

Building Up Skills Locally

We focus on delivering education and building up people's skills. We started out as a student run community service in 1991 and we continue to support Yorkshire communities.

Getting people online

Digital Inclusion
We run courses at our UK centres and provide support and online resources accessible to everyone, to improve their digital skills, and become confident and feel safe using the web.

Raising quality of life

Health and Wellbeing
We provide cookery courses, resources and information for people to learn more about diet and exercise, to educate people to make better lifestyle choices, and tackle obesity.

Career and Learning Support

Information, Advice & Guidance
We are available to provide information on learning and career opportunities fo free to all members of the public.

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Lowering unemployment

Putting Skills To Use
Some of our learners are socially excluded, and out of work for extensive periods. We build their confidence, social skills and offer employment guidance and welcome work experience and volunteers.

Reaching UK learners

Since 1991 we grew capable of reaching learners nationally. Today we continue to support UK learners and foreign workers, whilst offering more of our services to the rest of the world.


Accessible Learning
Anyone from anywhere in the world with internet access can start increasing their knowledge through e-learning. There are tens of thousands of courses starting with basic web skills, social media, and Microsoft Office and vocational qualfications.

Welcome to Yorkshire

Cultural Awareness
Based in beautiful Yorkshire, we welcome tourists and immigrants to the area. We help and support foreign workers learn the language, culture and essential skills to live and work in Yorkshire.

Free Computers

Digital Access
We distribute laptops and desktops at minimal cost, we are a not-for-profit and our goal is to help people gain digital access. The laptops come with the essential software for security, as well as Windows and Microsoft Office programs.

Lasting change to education in impoverished or crisis stricken areas

We're a small charity but when we all come together as an online community we can raise enough money to make lasting improvements to education.

Improving school facilities

Building Schools
Due to crises such as flooding, violence, cultural clashes -often unforseen- many places are without a place for their children to learn. Working with partners we raise money to build schools, improve their facilities and provide core resources.

Improving teaching

Fund a Teacher
We send experienced proffessional teachers abroad to communities in desperate need. We aim to fund teachers to go out and make a real difference, working alongside local teaching staff to improve the quality of life there and develop personally.

Sustainable Economy

Jobs and training
We work with local teams in order to deliver international projects. That means that while we are building schools and addressing education we can help sustain local jobs and train them with the necessary skills. But we need help to support the staff and provide resources.